Civilian Students


The NMU trains civilian students with the purpose of development and dissemination of knowledge related to the problems of security and defense, as well as effective utilizing of the educational and scientific capacity of the university in the structures and institutions of the state and local administration, in businesses and organizations.

The focus of training is both on acquiring knowledge and skills and establishing a common language of organizational communication between local administration and the structures of the Bulgarian Armed Forces in the process of activity planning and crisis management.

Students are trained in the following 12 accredited specialties:

  • Economic logistics
  • Business logistics
  • Communication equipment and technologies
  • Computer systems and technologies
  • Industrial management
  • Automobile equipment and transport logistics
  • Electronics
  • Automation, information and management equipment
  • Aviation equipment and technology
  • National and regional security
  • Protection of population from natural disasters
  • Administrative and information security

Civilian students at NMU are trained towards Bachelor and Master degrees. The course of training for Bachelors is 4 years and for Masters 1 or 2 years. It is conducted in compliance with the European Credit Transfer System for Higher Education Institutions (ECTS) and the European Qualification Framework for Lifelong Learning (EQF).

We have established an information center and a career development center. Our trainees work closely with the administration and library personnel, and are additionally trained in foreign language and computer labs. They also have the dormitories and sports and arts centers at their disposal.

Students are assisted in applying for and participating in The European Program of Erasmus, as well as in national scholarship and award programs.

The specialties for the civilian students coincide with the cadet civilian specialties. Upon completion of the course they sit for a state exam or defend a diploma paper. Civilian students are trained together with cadets in common groups.