Erasmus+ Programme for staff mobility supports academic and administrative staff to take part in professional development activities abroad. These activities may consist of teaching as well as training periods (such as job shadowing, observation periods, training courses).
Vasil Levski National Military University accepts teaching and administrative staff all year round, and also encourages incoming staff to participate in our winter and summer International Staff Weeks. You can find further information in the Academic calendar section.
If you would like to have Staff Mobility for Teaching or Training in Vasil Levski National Military University in the frame of the Erasmus+ programme, you have to work at a higher education institution.
The main requirement is that between your Higher Education Institution and Vasil Levski NMU, there must be an Inter-Institutional Agreement (IIA) signed. Our advice is for you to contact your International Relation Office/ Erasmus+ office for further information about the possibilities of teaching or training at Vasil Levski NMU as an exchange staff.
Please note that we need official nomination by an e-mail from your Higher Education Institutions (University).
Vasil Levski NMU can accept the staff based on his/her application documents (in English). The following documents should be attached and send to Vasil Levski NMU by an e-mail at least 2 months before the mobility:
  1. Mobility Agreement – Mobility Agreement for Teaching/ Mobility Agreement for Training (signed and stamped by your Higher Education Institution)
  2. Application form
Please send all documents to the following e-mail addresses:
If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us
Ekaterina Ivanova-Petrova – Erasmus+ office manager
Viktor Panicharov – Erasmus+ chief expert
Petar Filev – Erasmus+ expert
After that, you will receive an official invitation (Letter of Acceptance) and information materials.
No visa is required to enter or to study in Bulgaria.
Please apply for a student visa in your home country. Please do not enter Bulgaria with a tourist visa. An overview of specific requirements for each country may be found at the Internet page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Bulgaria (


  1. Application form.
  2. Mobility agreement for teaching.
  3. Mobility agreement for training.