Annual University Scientific Conference 2023

cordially invites you to join us in the
Annual University Scientific Conference 2023, which will take place
from 8 June to 9 June 2023 in Vasil Levski National Military University – Veliko Tarnovo
Chairman of the International Scientific Program Committee:
Brigadier General Ivan Malamov
Chairman of the Organizing Committee::
Colonel Assoc. Prof. Dr. Engr. Nikolay Urumov
Scientific secretary:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vanya Dimitrova
Technical secretary:
Lieutenant Colonel Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Daniel Berchev
Bulgarian, English

In an environment of dynamic changes, in an effort to occupy its proper place in the European area of higher education, research and innovation activity is not only a policy, but also a challenge for Vasil Levski National Military University. Observing the principles of freedom, cooperation and justice in the dissemination of scientific knowledge, by conducting scientific forums, we create a favorable environment for stimulating scientific research, strengthening relationships between universities, meeting scientific ideas relevant to the progress of scientific achievements in a globalized world.

Aimed at building a knowledge society, the exchange of scientific information and innovative thought are key factors, the manifestation of which contributes to your participation in the Annual University Scientific Conference of Vasil Levski National Military University. By accepting this challenge, your scholarly and creative contributions gain popularity and reach a wide readership.

By uniting the energy and achievements of all participants in the scientific forum together, we contribute to our country approaching and ranking among those countries that have high levels of scientific research.

Brigadier General Ivan Malamov
Commandant of Vasil Levski NMU


  1. Security and defense;
  2. Technical sciences;
  3. Math and Nature Science;
  4. Pedagogical and humanitarian sciences;
  5. Social, economic and legal sciences.

  • Application forms must be submitted no later than 7 April 2023
  • Please, fill out your online application form here.
  • Application forms without annotation in Bulgarian will be rejected.
  • The approved participants will be notified via email no later than 14 April 2023
  • The participation fee must be paid no later than 21 April 2023
  • Confirmation notice for payment will be sent until 5 May 2023
  • Participants must submit their papers in a digital form at no later than 21 April 2023
  • Further information for the technical requirements of the papers can be found here.
  • A layout template for your papers can be found here.
  • The confirmation for receiving a paper is until 5 May 2023
  • Up to three is the acceptable number of papers per author (whether autonomous or in a group), desirable length is up to 10 pages per one paper.
  • The conference program can be downloaded here
  • Bank transfers will be approved no later than 21 April 2023
  • The participation fee includes a copy of the conference proceedings, a delegate set, coffee breaks and a cocktail.
  • A paperback (a printed copy) – 55 BGN
  • A digital copy (CD) – 45 BGN
  • A digital and a paperback copy – 75 BGN
Co-author, participating in the work of the conference must pay a full fee.
Co-authors, not participating in the work of the conference, but willing to have a copy of the conference proceedings, with no regards of the issue must pay 30 BGN.

Only bank transfers are accepted at the following bank transfer details:

IBAN – BG09 STSA 9300 3100 8354 00
DSK Bank
Veliko Tarnovo branch
Reason for the bank transfer:
Conference 2023 participation fee
Contact information:
  1. civilian staff Ana Hristova
  2. civilian staff Veneta Ivanova
Telephone number: 062 618873
Mobile: 0888 037174 or 0884 207317